Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery Before and After

Most people want to get the perfect look and performance in every time. Many things they do to get the best performance. Just like Ayumi, the pop- Artist who decide for plastic surgery. Ayumi Hamasaki plastic surgery is not surprise anymore, many people talk about her especially her fans.
Ayumi is a beautiful woman and her facial features just keep her fans wondering if she got something done or not. Ayumi Hamasaki surgery had before on her eyes she admit she had surgeries. And there are lot of her before and after pictures floating around and it is obvious that she looks really different from before. The eyelid surgery is extremely common here in Japan. I even now school girls who have had it done. Ayumi Hamasaki has definitely had a lot of work done.
Well many fans ask about this issue and Ayumi Hamasaki plastic surgery become the hot issue in this year. Actually, Ayumi’s younger pictures as a kid have been the number of choices on why fan thought she has had surgery. But the real revealing answer should be that most of her younger picture; she is happily smiling and like many people, when you’re having fun, your eyes would appear smaller when you smile.
Many people talk about her issue and there are many solution they have about Ayumi plastic surgery. Just for make it clearly, Ayumi’s eyes, small nose and powder lips, are not collagen added or plump, not botox, or surgery. It only reveal the fact that she has genetic inherited her facial structure from her family genes and because her Father wasn’t much in her life, Fans barely knew of Ayumi’s real ethnicity except for the fact that she is Japanese born in Japan.
Ayumi Hamasaki surgery has never admitted any kind of plastic surgery procedure, which is normal for celebrities even in the more obvious cases, but in order to keep a low profile and not to show their procedures, many stars get the surgeries before getting in to the public light and keep subtle anything else done after. About Ayumi Hamasaki plastic surgery, she could have gotten the eyelid surgery to make her eyes look bigger and a subtle rhinoplasty to make it look smaller, especially at the tip, but probably at the beginning of her career. So, what is your conclusion about Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic surgery now?