Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gia Darling Plastic Surgery Before and After Lips Implants

Finally, a top lip larger than Lisa Rinna's 

After an extensive nationwide search, we’ve found someone with a larger top lip than Lisa Rinna. This upper lip, while sharing the same fullness as Miss Rinnna’s, is even wider! Congratulations, transgender beauty, Allanah Starr!

I suspect she has lip implants and then also uses injection. In the video below, her lips are not as large.

George Bush Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Did George Bush have a nose job? It looks like he might have had his nose tweaked, see this site for evidence. His new nose looks very obvious; it has that ‘plastic surgery’ look. I will be following up on this story in the next few days!

Former president George W. Bush got a face lift courtesy of HBO.
Article Tab: A head of George W. Bush appeared on a stake in an episode of Game of Thrones.
A head of George W. Bush appeared on a stake in an episode of "Game of Thrones."
You may remember our recent story about the final episode of the first season of “Game of Thrones.” Someone spotted Dubya’s severed head stuck on the end of a spike.HBO apologized for it, said it was “inadvertent” and yadda, yadda, but now they’ve backed it up.E! News reports that the network pulled the offending episode from its streaming service and iTunes and stopped shipping DVD copies of the first season.The episode is now back online, the website says, but with a difference. The image of the head on a stake has been altered and it no longer looks anything like the prez.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Gary Busey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Gary Busey has already been mentioned on this site for having dental veneers that look too fat, chunky, and box-like. Now, it looks like his chiclet teeth are tinged yellow. Normally, veneers are very stable in color, so there must be something wrong with his. His dentist owes him a refund.

I like Gary Busey. Who doesn’t? Well, if you have seen him on Celebrity Apprentice it appears that some people don’t. I’m not sure if they really don’t like him or only get a little frazzled by his unpredictability. I don’t have to make him do anything constructive so I don’t have any problems with his style. This creative spontaneous style is apparently due in part to the brain damage he suffered in a motorcycle accident in 1988 that fractured his skull. Perhaps, part of it is due to the cocaine habit he had for many years or whatever else he did that we don’t know about. Anyway, he is still a likable guy.
Gary’s story is more a before and after motorcycle accident story than it is a before and after plastic surgery story. If he hadn’t had the accident, he probably wouldn’t have done much to his raw tough features. Well, he lives in Hollywood so who knows. The accident clearly damaged the structure and tissue of his face and it is still very noticeable when he is smiling because on the left side around his eye the muscle doesn’t work as originally designed. The doctors I’m sure did their to repair the injury. If Gary has had a few more procedures or will in the future to fix things up a bit who can blame him.
Now, the huge horse teeth porcelain veneers are another story. His teeth may have been damage in the accident too but these ones are just too big. Now that its done, how do you downsize?

Gaby Spanic Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injection, Nose Jobs

Can you drive a truck through these?
Gaby Spanic is a soap star in her native Latin America. Now, she is trying to make it in the US. My first suggestion is that she get rid of the breast implants that have a huge gap between them. You could drive a truck through those. Huge, obviously augmented breasts make you look cheap!

Gaby Spanic is known to American audiences as “that pretty lady speaking Spanish really fast on grandma’s television”, but to South American and other Spanish speaking audiences, she’s a superstar. Known for her work on Telenovelas (soap operas) like La Usurpadora, Por Tu Amor, La Intrusa, Tierra de Pasiones, and Soy Tu DueƱa ; the Venezualan born starlet has also become known for her gravity defying and ultra round breasts. Rumor has it that she claims her breasts are real, but real breasts don’t have that shape, or that ability to stay up, so we figure she’s had a breast augmentation. She also appears to have had Bottox injections in her face, as she’s developed a very smooth and very shiny appearance in recent years; and a nosejob (rhinoplasty) that thinned her nose at the tip and made it more pointy. She looks pretty great for a woman of almost forty, and we can’t really fault her for having had work done. She’s a soap opera star; getting on her about plastic surgery would be like getting on a basketball player for being tall, or a midget for being a lawyer…wait, that last one didn’t make sense. Either way, soap stars have work done, it’s just the way it is; at least she didn’t go overboard…yet.

Ffion Hague Plastic Surgery Before and After Gives Herself Away

Ffion Hague Gives Herself Away

Ffion Hague, wife of British politician William Hague, gives herself away in the photo on the above right, by wearing a sheer boouse that shows off her seemingly bolted on breasts. In the before photo, her breasts are smaller and closer together. In the after photo, they look like small baseballs with a sizeable gap in between. It does look like she has had some breast augmentation of dubious quality. The size of the breast implants are wrong for her frame. Perhaps middle age made her opt for the porn star sized augmentation.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fergie Boobs Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Many Faces Of Fergie

Why does Fergie look more than a decade older than her chronological age despite having had what many believe to be plastic surgery? She freely admits to having used crystal meth in the past. What does crystal meth do to the skin? Bad, bad things. According to one ex-user, Methamphetamine caused their skin to become more fragile and apt to break out and swell. The drug consists of many toxins, which are excreted through the skin, in the process making it look older.

Fergie has bigger boobs!

Fergie spent a while out of the public eye and since she’s been back it looks as if she has experienced new growth in her chest area. I even suspect she got some sort of breast enhancement (her chest looks enormous to me). If it isn’t a boob job, then maybe she’s pregnant (or she should fire whomever put her in that dress), her breasts look huge.

Fergie Grew Some Assets On Her Chest 
Wow, looks like Fergie grew some assets on her chest. Some huge assets. At least they are not porn star / stripper oversized accesories. Overall, her breasts do not look very plastic and are nicely augmented. At least she got the body part right, but screwed up above the neck.

Faye Dunaway Chewing gum Plastic Surgery Before and After

The overly done Faye Dunaway (described by CityRags as suffering from ‘madamism‘, a malady caused by too much plastic surgery which leaves the victim looking like the 80′s puppet Madam) has chiclet (they are big square pieces of white chewing gum, click here for a photo) teeth. Actually, her teeth are not chiclets, but veneers. Veneers can look fantastic, but are not for everyone. If you have extremely stained teeth, teeth that are too small (a la Kirsten Dunst), or even twisted teeth, veneers are a great option. But for someone who already had nice teeth, what was the point?

Farrah Fawcett bad Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After

What Happened To Farrah Fawcett?
No, it’s not a scary creature, its the once lovely Farrah Fawcett. Huge cheek implants, too much sun, and nose job have ruined her looks. Try and remember her the way she was in the 70s and 80s.

What's wrong with Farrah's nose?

What’s wrong with Farrah’s nose? It’s called ‘alar retraction’ and happens when too much cartilage is resected from the area.

The New Bride of Wildenstein Is Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett is looking to unseat Jocelyn Wildenstein as the scariest celebrity alive. Apparently, Farrah has gone in for new nips and tucks and it did not turn out very well. Her nose is lopsided and her eyes are now cat-like (very tilted up at the corners).
I personally think that whoever did this surgery on her should have their medical license revoked. She’s obviously mentally unstable (did anyone see her on Letterman a few years ago?) and body dysmorphic.
farrah's plastic surgery is scary

In 1998, she looked older, but still looks nice. By 2003, with cheek implants and a nose job, she looked deformed. Currently, she looks even weirder with strangely tilted eyes and an oddly pinched nose.
farrah new lopsided nose bad plastic surgery
I have no idea of what is going on with her 2004 nose, but I’m sure that ‘malpractice lawsuit’ is going through your mind. Her nostrils are totally uneven. Here’s one fan’s take on the situation:
I went to college with a couple of girls named Farrah. Since I was born in ’77, my high school and college classes are rife with namesakes of Charlie’s Crack Whore.
Beware, parents. That glamorous celebrity you name your daughter after today may look quite different when your daughter’s in her twenties or thirties.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ex Royal Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ex royal girlfriend under the knife
Eva Sannum is the ex-girlfriend of Spanish Prince Felipe. Her background as a lingerie model was considered risque, so he dumped her for someone more acceptable to his Royal Family. And below is the end result!
Eva Sannum Before And Ater
She got a nose job, stopped plumping her lips, and had an overly aggressive browlift. Eeek!

Eva Longoria Botox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Remember when Eva Longoria was strikingly beautiful?

Remember when Eva Longoria was strikingly beautiful rather than just pretty? I do, I do. She’s gone from fresh faced to looking ‘overly done’. It looks like her face has gotten fatter even though the rest of her body is still very slim. In some photos, it looks like she has trouble moving her face, which is a symptom of botox.

Erica Chevillar Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Worst Implants of 2010
Erica Chevillar
Erica Chevillar
Erica Chevillar
Erica Chevillar is a Playboy model (big shock there) with very overfilled breast implants she likes to show off. There are bad implants in every way imaginable. They look too high on her chest.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Emily Blunt Chin Implants, Cheek Implants, Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Many Faces of Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt Chin Implant Before And After
Emily Blunt Chin Implant Before And After
Emily Blunt is now almost unrecognizable from her Hollywood debut back in 2003. This English Rose has amassed quite a few nips and tucks. Lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, chin implant, cheek implants, and veneers.
Why do I think she has chin and cheek implants? Her face looks wider across and lengthwise.
Emily Blunt Rhinoplasty Before And After
Emily Blunt Rhinoplasty Before And After
Above, on the left, is Emily’s original nose. Cute, huh? I don’t like her new nose, because it increased the amount of space between her nose and upper lip.  You can tell that her nostrils were shaved down and her tip was refined.
Emily Blunt's Veneers Before And After
Emily Blunt's Veneers Before And After
I don’t know why she got veneers, her teeth were perfect for her. Discuss on our forums.

Emilio Estevez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emilio Estevez – Totally Not Hot Anymore.

Ok, what happened here? About a decade ago, Emilio Estevez decided to focus on directing and stay behind the camera. Hence, should he be worried about how he looks?

No, he can age and not go through the usual Hollywood anti-aging routine (you know, the one where you attempt to cut, peel, inject, and carve your way back to how you looked at 25 years old). It does not look like he took that route. There are some nice hollows above his eyes that were not there before (and no I don’t attribute that to age, because it causes sagging eyes).

Then there are his cheeks, which look astonishingly full for a man his age (he was born in 1962, you do the math). Restylane, anyone? It is an injectable used to restore cheek volume lost to aging.

And just for fun, read some lovely correspondence the Estevez/Sheen brotherly duo sent to after the site panned Emilio’s film, ‘Bobby’

Ellen Degeneres Brow Lift, Botox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Why Does Ellen Degeneres Look So Different?

Ellen Degeneres is looking different lately. Could it be because she had a brow lift, laser peel, neck lift and lots and lots of botox. If you saw any of her promos for her HBO special in the early summer, one of her eyes was barely open and her face was swollen.

Ellen Barkin Botox Plastic Surgery Before and After


Ellen Barkin is against invasive plastic surgery, according to a recent magazine article. Sure, Ellen, we believe you. However, pictures don’t lie. Look at how her lips have varied in size; in the year 2000 photo, her lips are gloriously plump and the top one is slightly misshapen. In the year 2004 photo, her lips look like they have tubes inserted in them (could she have lip implants?). Also, her eyes look more ‘awake’ and her skin even looks smoother. It can’t all be the work of Botox.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elle Macpherson Over The Years
Elle Over The Years

Here are photos of super model Elle Macpherson over the years. After a canthopexy to raise her brow, her career took off. Since then, she has had a few more tweaks.
Will Elle MacPherson pick a size?
We’ve already been through this before with model Elle MacPherson. First, it seemed that she had her chest inflated. Now, she’s apparently deflated it again! Pick a size, woman!


Eliza Dushku Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eliza Dushku is the latest plastic surgery victim.

Eliza Dushku is a shame. Why? Well it’s because she went and got plastic surgery on her face while she was still young and gorgeous. Opting not to wait for father time to slap her in the mug, the True Lies and Bring it On star went under the knife while still in her twenties. Looking at photos taken early in the 2000s and comparing them to pictures taken just a few years later, it’s pretty clear that she had work done to her nose and cheeks. For her nose job (rhinoplasty), she opted to go for more nose, which is rare. She appears to have had the bridge built up, making it more pronounced. She had similar work done on her cheeks, which were flat before, but now appear fuller. She most likely had implants put in since they’ve been so consistently plump these past few years and they look so natural. With the work she’s had done, she definitely looks good, but not necessarily better, and by having it done so early, she makes herself more likely to fall prey to over doing it and getting herself mangled when she gets older. She started out so pretty, and she hasn’t screwed it up yet, so let’s just hope that she leaves well enough alone and doesn’t become a Franken-Dushku in her old age.

Eliza Dushku Plastic Surgery

Word on the street says that the lovely Eliza Dushku has went under the knife and opted for plastic surgery.

They claim she had a nose job and cheek implants (see here).

You gotta admit her nose does look a little more sculpted, but her cheeks only look bigger due to weight gain.

How do you feel about these plastic surgery claims?

Drew Barrymore Face Plastic Surgery Before and After

Drew Barrymore resurfaces
I received a few emails about Drew Barrymore appearing on CNN and looking unrecognizable. I saw the new pictures of her and was stunned. She looks totally different. Her brow is higher and her eyes look rounder.

36-year old actress Drew Barrymore of “The Wedding Singer” and “Lucky You” fame, has said in the past that though she is not afraid of aging, she will not rule out plastic surgery.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Dr Khristine Eroshevich Face Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dr Khristine Eroshevich had a horrible day in court as she was found guilty in Anna Nicole Smith’s prescription drug inquiry. Eroshevich was Smith’s psychiatrist at the time of her death and over prescribed medication to the actress.

The doctor made an effort to look ‘good’ for her day in court by having a facelift. Her face is mostly devoid of wrinkles (or expression) now and the area under her chin appears tighter. I doubt she can wrinkle her brow due to Botox. She’s frozen in time.

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heidi Montag’s much talked about recent spate of plastic surgeries included alterations to her breasts and mid-section. On Saturday, she showed off the result of her plastic surgeon’s work. I suppose Spencer is happy now that he’s finally turned Heidi into the porn star/stripper of his dreams.
Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon, Dr Frank Ryan, was killed in a Malibu auto accident yesterday. Supposedly, he was texting, when he lost control of his vehicle and plunged down a steep hillside. Blunt force trauma was his cause of death. His dog, Jill, was in the car with him at the time and was seriosly injured. She is now at home with Frank’s mother.

Last week, we ran a poll asking readers if Heidi Montag should have an intervention to prevent her from getting more plastic surgeries. 80% voted ‘Yes’. Today, Heidi admitted she also had ‘back scoop’ surgery on the same day as her other 10 surgeries. Is that the reason why she still looks like she is in pain?

Donatella Versace Face, Lips, Nose Plastic Surgery Before and After

What the heck is going on with Donatella's face?
Donatella Versace is one of the world’s leading designers, but the most attention getting aspect of her career now is her constantly morphing face. In the mid 90s, she had normal sized lips. By 2000, they had blown up tremendously. What are her lips plumped with? Implants or collagen? I am not sure, but it is scary. Then there is her nose which looks like it has widened (and keeps stretching). I believe there was a story that Donatella was hospitalized for cocaine addiction and if that is what made her nose look like this, then its a great advertisement for ‘Say No To Drugs’. Her eyes also appear tampered with. She looks more ‘alert’ and not in a good way, but it a facially stretched way.
Donatella Versace unsuccessfully tries to buy youth
Donatella Versace has unsuccessfully tried to buy youth, but persists on pulling, peeling, and cutting her way back to the age of 25. Right now, the skin on her jawline looks insanely tight and her lips are huge (will they explode soon?)
In 1997, Donatella was normal in appearance. Now, she is the next Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka the cat lady).
Donatella Versace – the long hidden before photo
Donatella was mostly a mystery to the world before her designer brother’s death. Now, she is known as the head of Versace and for having an insane amount of plastic surgery on her nose and lips. Today, a photo of what she looked like in 1990 surfaced.

What a difference a million swipes of the plastic surgeon’s knife makes. New nose, rounder eyes, plumper lips, more prominent chin, veneers, etc.

Donatella's Lip Collagen Distaster
Donatella Versace is in the midst of a lip collagen disaster. Her lips have blown up twice their original size, see the the photos below.
donatella versace lip collagen

Donatella has also delved into rhinoplasty a few times. Notice how her nostrils have changed over the years.
donatella versace lip collagen

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Don Johnson Nose Plastic Surgery Before and After

Don Johnson and His Different Noses.
Sometimes people can’t decide what to buy at the store. I do this all the time. I pick up one bag of chips, then put them back and grab another one. Then I grab apples, but put them back because I want grapes. I just can’t stick to a decision. Don Johnson has done this with his nose. Looking back in the 70s, the Miami Vice and Nash Bridges star had a very small nose, which was thin at the tip and short overall. Then looking at him in the 80s, during his heyday, his nose was a little longer and had a wider tip. Now, we see him with a mid-ground. He has the longer nose and a thinner tip. This says to me that he has had at least two nose jobs (rhinoplasty). There’s also evidence that he may have had a face lift, seeing how tight his skin looks, but that could be anything from botox, to too much tanning, to make up. One thing is for sure thought, like his career, his nose has gone up and down.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dolly Parton grew up extremely poor; she was one of nine children. Her family had very little money, alas that did not stop her from pursuing her dream of being a country music performer. It took drive and determination. Perhaps that same drive and determination propel her to always stay looking her best, which in the entertainment industry is understood as showing as few signs of aging as possible. In that task, she has succeed, but not without drawing comments such as ,’she looks weird’.


Dolly was blessed with natural beauty. It is probably one of the things that helped her break away from the pack of other young hopeful singers when starting out. Look at her cute nose, pretty smile, and sparkling eyes. Yet compare the older photo to her more recent photo. The cute little nose looks gone, the shape of her face has changed, her lips are much larger, and she looks like a caricature of herself.


Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Who looks younger, Demi or Cameron Diaz? Cameron Diaz, although on 35, looks a little like a Spitting Image puppet here with big inflated cheeks and weird squinty eyes.
Why Is Demi Moore wearing shades on the red carpet? It does not look sunny in the photo. Is she hiding some ‘eyework’?