Wednesday, 30 January 2013

JR Carrington Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

These are before and after photos of a famous adult star from the 90s named, JR Carrington. She was renowned for her beauty at the height of career. Now, instead of fading, she is still clinging to her looks. Her nose looks like it has been shaved down. Her skin looks like plastic and has no lines (she is in her 40s, so I don’t buy the no wrinkle look at her age). Her eyes also look pulled up. Overall, she looks like an alien.

Back to her nose, in the original photo it looks as if she has already had rhinoplasty. I wouldn’t be surprised if her original nose was more beak-like. If that is the case, her primary surgeon did a good job, because that nose fits her face perfectly.

Plastic Surgery posted on 90′s porn star J.R. Carrington and her plastic surgery experience including some images that look pretty terrible. I have written on adult entertainer plastic surgery before, but people find porn stars like other entertainers interesting so this might be worth a repeat. J.R. looks like she has had a fair amount of plastic surgery. Years ago from the images I found, it looks like she had her nose and breasts operated probably a few times. More recent images look less pleasant.

As we have repeated here many times, plastic surgery has limitations. Operating and re-operating can lead to an artificial appearance when taken beyond a certain point. Patients who have well-planned, but less frequent plastic surgery usually look like improved versions of themselves. Too much surgery brings the risk: benefit equation into negative territory which is probably the story here. Good judgment is just as important as good technique when it comes to a patient’s appearance over the long term.

The images at Awful Plastic Surgery are reportedly more recent than the ones I have. J.R. Carrington would probably been better off stopping in the mid-90′s. She looked pretty good then albeit with implants on the larger side which of course is common in adult entertainers.