Sunday, 30 December 2012

Jennifer Walcott Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

32-year old Jennifer Walcott is an Ohio-native who moved to Hollywood with dreams of being a model. She eventually landed in the pages of Playboy back in 2001, launching her career and showing off her obvious breast augmentation.

Petite Jennifer is too small for her large breast implants, likely silicone implants from makers Natrelle or Mentor. To help her breasts look more natural and less obvious, she could have them replaced.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Most Playboy models are known for having very large breast implants.  In order to achieve a natural result, it is important to make sure that the implants fit the frame of the patient.  Jennifer has a very petite frame and not much breast tissue to cover her implants.  These are reasons why her breast augmentation does not appear very natural looking.  To correct this, she should consider a smaller implant and make sure she has silicone implants over saline.  Silicone implants are made of a gel which is more like natural breast tissue.  There is another type of breast implant called an anatomical implant that is only recommended for patients with little or no breast tissue. It is shaped like a tear drop to help give the natural shape of a breast instead of the very round look.”

Another way for Jennifer to achieve a more natural look would be to use smaller implants this time around and place them under, rather than over, the muscle.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden says, “It appear that she has had a subglandular breast augmentation with very large implants, leaving quite a round and artificial appearance.  Downsizing the implants and putting them under the muscle could help her chest to look more natural, but I doubt that’s what she wants.”

Jennifer has a love of natural living, which is sure to serve her well as she ages and looks into having more plastic surgery.

Model Jennifer Walcott has a stalker named Edson Diaz and he has been charged with harassing her over the internet using MySpace. She’s a pretty girl, but her breasts are a wreck. They just do not look real. Its as if someone took a cantaloupe, cut it in half and shoved the halves in her chest. She must’ve had mosquito bite sized breasts prior to breast augmentation surgery.

Anyway, here is a photo of the guy who was harassing her on MySpace. He sent messages containing racial slurs at her and threatened to beat her.

Jennifer Walcott had plastic surgery to improve her self image. The before & after pictures show that she had breast implants. Overall, was Jennifer Walcott's cosmetic surgery procedure a good or bad idea?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Jennifer Rush Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job Facelift and Botox

Is Jennifer Rush channeling Pete Burns?

Plastic surgery makes celebrities look alike. Take UK singer, Jennifer Rush, who has had a variety of procedures and now looks like 80s singer, Pete Burns.

Here is a picture of Jennifer from the 80s. I don’t think she has one original feature left. I see rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, a facelift, a little botox, and who knows what else. She looks like an older version of someone other than herself.

Jennifer Rush was a very beautiful singer. But unfortunately now she is unrecognizable...The reason? Quite obvious as you can judge by taking a look at the before and after plastic surgery photos...

To be more specific, Rush has reportedly had a nose job (rhinoplasty), and countless Botox injections all over her face (including her lips and cheeks), giving her a creepy look.

Her skin is too puffy and smooth, making it almost featureless.  She’s also had a face lift, which also contributes to her featureless look and apparently got lip implants. The sad thing is that Rush is doing all of this in an effort to look youthful and regain her popularity...

It has to be mentioned that many celebrity watchers compare Jennifer Rush to Pete Burns, which is not flattering at all...

Conclusion: Jennifer Rush has nothing original feature left. She looks like an older version of herself. Rush's plastic surgery is definitely a plastic surgery gone wrong...

What do you think of Jennifer Rush's plastic surgery?

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Jennifer Rush: The Power of Plastic Surgery

When you start your career by completely changing your name, it should come as no surpise to anyone when you start to get too much plastic surgery. Born Heidi Stern, 80s pop singer Jennifer Rush, who is most famous for being the original performer of “The Power of Love” (a song made most popular by Celine Dion), is starting to look like a whole new person. She’s reportedly had countless Botox injections all over her face (including her lips and cheeks), giving her an almost inflated look.

Her skin is too puffy and smooth, making it almost featureless. I like to call this look, “Puppet Face” because…well simply put, she looks kind of like a cloth puppet. She’s also had a face lift, which also contributes to her featureless look, and most likely got lip implants. She’s of course doing all of this in an effort to look youthful and regain her popularity, but seeing as how she’s headed towards being a senior citizen, she should have just done what old male rock stars do: start wearing jeans, get an acoustic guitar, and play country sounding songs as state fairs.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections, Fillers and Nose Job

Is it just me or do Jennifer Lopez’s facial features off at the moment?  I think she had a brow lift plus some botox injections to make her jawline less wide (like singer Charise from Glee) and fillers for her cheeks to make them more soft and rounded.

The 2003 ‘before’ photo is actually after several surgeries. Wanna see her original face? Watch ‘Selena’ and I’ll bet you’ll be stunned.

First she had a lotta lip and a lotta nose, now she’s gotta little. Jennifer Lopez has had subtle refinements to her appearance, she’s had her lips thinned and a nose job. See the photos in a side by side format, click here.

Added 10/16/2003: Here’s another photo gallery showing off Jennifer Lopez’s Then and Now lips.

It’s a new nose for Jennifer Lopez. And you thought she was just laying low because she broke up with Ben.. no, she has a new nose. This is her second nose job. Unlike her old nose, this one looks longer (see how the space between her upper lip and nose tip is smaller?) In addition, her new nose points down more in a V-shape and totally changes the way that she looks. She doesn’t look like a more refined version of herself, she looks like a different person; she could easily wander off into Bruce Jenner land if she doesn’t stop getting surgery.

An alert reader named Kristin sent us photos of what appears to be a totally new, older looking Jennifer Lopez. Why does Jennifer Lopez’s face look stretched? Her smile looks a bit off kilter in the after photo. Could she have had a brow lift? Her hairline looks like it has moved back.

Jennifer Lopez has stepped back into the public eye and looks different. There are not many new pictures of her up close yet, but just wait until they surface. Her face looks ‘off’ to me, especially around her eyes. It is as if the top part of her fact has been pulled up. Her cheeks also look weirdly gaunt, a first for her.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery Before and After Lips Photos

Jennifer Garner really does have a thin upper lip

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo that showed actress Jennifer Garner with a small upper lips. I then received numerous emails saying that the picture had been photoshopped. So, I set on a quest for the truth about Jennifer Garner’s upper lip. This is what I found:

Jennifer Anne Affleck was born on April 17, 1972 known professionally as Jennifer Garner, is an American actress.Garner gained recognition on television for her performance as CIA agent Sydney Bristow in the thriller drama series Alias, which aired on ABC for five seasons from 2001 to 2006.

Have a look at this Photo:

It seems that at the start of her career her lips were a lot thinner !! It is clear at the Pic. At least her top lip. Looks like she had collagen injections in them.

Jennifer Garner has allegedly had lip injections to make her lips fuller.Her top lip does appear to be much fatter than it used to but is this really conclusive proof of lip augmentation? Take a look at these Jennifer pics and judge for yourself...

Celebs !!! Are they really natural beauties, or just products of great makeup artists and talented stylists? or Plastic Surgery ??? Judge for yourself !!!!

Although many believe Jennifer’s lips to be naturally large, some evidence supports the theory that she has used fillers of some kind to augment them.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implant and Facial, Nose Job

 Jennifer Connelly looks like a new woman these days, especially around the eyes. Its not just the bangs that make her look different. Are the bangs hiding a tightened, shiny forehead that might indicate a surgical procedure like a brow lift?

How To Make Jennifer Connelly Look Older

Roundness of facial figures is one of the indicators of youth. As you can see in the photo of Jennifer Connelly on the left above, the softer looking, more rounded nostrils add to the subjects overall facial softness. In the second photo, the refined more prominent bridge and de-empasized nostrils offer an entirely different look.

For those considering any facial alteration, considering how any changes can affect over facial harmony is important.

Actress Jennifer Connelly is rumored to have had a rhinoplasty and a breast reduction. Her nose looks narrowed and more defined comparing to some pictures taken earlier in her career, but face factions actually change when you grow up and this could be the reason of Connelly's nose changes.  Also rumored to have had a breast reduction, this was in a time when she also loose a lot of weight, remembering that breast are mostly fat cells, we could say that she is in fact a natural beauty. 

Having looked at photos of Connelly as a young actor and then recent photos from the Blood Diamond premiere, it appears that Connelly had her nose reshaped and reduced in size. Jennifer previously had a wider nose and more rounded tip and now her nose is more defined and narrow, giving her a more mature and sophisticated look.

Couple of years ago she was so thin and looking different that many people just assumed that she had some cosmetic surgery, but she answered to that:  "Nope. I was really stressed. I didn't completely realize how I looked until I saw photographs, and thought, Oh shit, I look quite thin in that picture. I had been traveling a lot, and I felt very uncomfortable with the whole process. A lot of moving around. I was running a lot and not feeling well. Just anxiety and stress. And that is where I wound up: tired, and dazed and skinny. It's not where I want to be, and I don't intend to be there again."

Another rumor that sprouted previously about Connelly is that she had a breast reduction. Connelly’s publicist Cari Ross flatly denied this claim, saying “It’s absolutely not true swear on my life. She simply lost weight, and when she did she apparently lost weight in her breasts as well. She’s put on weight since the Oscars, and you can see in pictures taken since then that they’re sort of back."

Monday, 24 December 2012

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Facelift

Experts claim that Jennifer Aniston has had a major facelift. Sure, her nose was on the bigger side before, but she was just as beautiful then as she is now!

Jennifer Aniston – does she look 'different' to you
A few weeks ago, I got a tweet from a concerned tv viewer who told me about Jennifer Aniston’s new look. I do think she’s started using facial fillers to give her face a younger look. My verdict is indifference, but I do not think the fans are loving her new look due to the number of negative tweets and emails I’ve received about it. Oh well.

Jennifer Aniston – Is her face melting?
Jennifer Aniston changed her hair recently to the lightest shade of blonde she has ever had while in the public eye. Often, celebs will change their hair color, hair length, hair texture, etc to distract observers from changes they’ve made to their face. In this case, I believe Jennifer had facial fillers, botox, and some other possible surgical hanky panky.

Jennifer’s latest incarnation is quite a departure from her usual look, because a youthful sort of facial plumpness has been added to her face to make her look softer. Aniston is a fitness fanatic and has minimal body fat which had left her face with some harsh angles a few years ago (see 2003 photo), but now, those have been smoothed out, her face plumped up, and likely injected with botox (it causes the skin to look plastic and shiny). Do I think she’s had everything on her face yanked up via facelift too? Yup.

This tweeter is definitely a Sandra Bullock fan.

Why Jen Aniston ? Why?
Jennifer Aniston is sporting some very inflated looking lips this year. Lip collagen? Definitely.

Jennifer Anniston's lips are plump

Jennifer Aniston‘s lips now look plumped. Guess what? It looks awful! She looked like she’s been smacked in the mouth. Click here to see the photos.

Jennifer Aniston's lips questioned by Star Magazine
Star Magazine questions whether Jennifer Anniston’s lips are siliconed filled because they look larger, click here to read it

Fat Lips For Jennifer Aniston
Whoa! Jennifer Aniston is sporting some seemingly fat lips. They are almost in Angelina Jolie bee stung pout territory. Large lips do not suit her. because they do not match the rest of her square facial features.

Jennifer Aniston – What did she do to herself?

What has Jennifer Anniston done to herself? Her face looks so tight in the photo on the right, she cannot even smile widely (usually that is a sign of botox). Also, her eyes have the tight look, like she is moving through a wind tunnel. Over, things are not looking good for Jennifer Anniston.

On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston, 42, gives consistent answers when she’s asked about plastic surgery.

No, she hasn’t had it, she says. That doesn’t count an apparent nose job early in her career.

But she might go under the knife in the future, perhaps when she reaches age 50, she implies.

“There is an extreme pressure on women and men to just stay young and unfortunately men and women don’t see it to grow old gracefully,” she stated in a recent interview.

“A lot of women go too far and end up looking a hell of a lot older than they actually are and it sort of has a reverse effect. So talk to me in 10 years,” she confessed.
A year ago, she said much the same.

Asked at age 41 whether she would use Botox, she told an interviewer for the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar, “I could do it. … These lines are getting deeper every day.”

A year before that, she claimed “I will never, ever say ‘never’ about anything. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making yourself feel better about how you look – although we’ve all seen how you can go too far with it.”

She has tried Botox, but didn’t like it.   “I make my living from my expressions, so it’s not a great thing to do,” she insisted.

The actress admitted to rhinoplasty to corrected a deviated septum, then another nose job to correct the botched first procedure. She told People "I had (a deviated septum) fixed - best thing I ever did. I slept like a baby for the first time in years."  Many people say that it was not only a septoplasty but a full cosmetic procedure also, because of the changes in the shape of her nose.

The fact is that her nose looks very nice and natural after the procedure, it is more defined and thinner at the tip and it doesn't get the attention away of other factions of her face, which is one of the goals of a good nose job.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Oscar winner actress Jane Fonda has admitted to have done some plastic surgery procedures recently.  Although she previously said that she doesn't want to get more procedures done, she obviously changed her mind: "I swore in 2000 I’d never have anything done again but this year I got tired of not looking like how I feel and I wanted a more refined chin line like I used to have so I changed my mind. I’m still a little swollen but not much and what pleases me is that I won’t looked pulled or weird…or tired all the time. And my crows feet are still alive and well. I wish I’d been brave enough to not do anything but, instead, I chose to be a somewhat more glamorous grandma."

She probably got a face lift and a blepharoplasty this time, the good thing is that she didn't go to the extremes and doesn't look too tight.

As she admitted she changed her point of view about plastic surgery a bit, because before she said that she woulnd't go for more procedures: "I have had plastic surgery in the past, but I don't want to do it anymore. I get so disturbed when I come out here (Los Angeles), and I see everybody kind of looking alike."

Then she may got breast implants and also a face lift.  Many people, not only celebrities get plastic surgery to increase their confidence on theirselves, but before a procedure, each patient needs to have realistic expectations, taking it as something that will improve their appearance but won't make them perfect.

"I thought, "Oh my God, it’s me,"" Jane Fonda told TODAY’s Matt Lauer. "I feel so great and so rested and I look so different and I just decided - and I’m not proud of it - I decided I wanted to look more like how I feel."

Jane Fonda told Lauer she didn’t feel pressure to maintain a specific look. "I just decided I wanted to buy myself some time and look more like how I feel," Fonda was quoted as saying, who had work on her chin, neck and under the eyes.

Jane Fonda has even written on her blog about the plastic surgery she had on her eye bags and jawline!

Jane Fonda also wrote on her official website:

"Bob Evans complimented me on my new, short haircut and I said: "Thanks. I just had some "work" done on my chin and neck and had the bags taken away from under my eyes so I decided it would be good to get a new hair cut so people will think it's my new hair."

 "He thought that was so funny he actually toasted me for doing what he said he'd never heard anyone do before: admit they'd had work done. I was planning on blogging about it anyway so who cares? I'm writing a book about aging so I couldn't very well NOT talk about it. It's been 2 weeks. I was in front of the camera all day yesterday and was photographed at Eve Ensler's luncheon 9 days after the procedure so, obviously, it went well. I swore in 2000 I'd never have anything done again but this year I got tired of not looking like how I feel and I wanted a more refined chin line like I used to have so I changed my mind. I'm still a little swollen but not much and what pleases me is that I won't looked pulled or weird...or tired all the time. And my crows feet are still alive and well. I wish I'd been brave enough to not do anything but, instead, I chose to be a somewhat more glamorous grandma" Fonda added.

It looks like Jane Fonda feels a bit guilty and has mixed emotions about her plastic surgery. It is apparent that the majority of celebrities go under the knife to improve their self esteem but it seems that plastic surgery procedures don't always provide a guarantee for feeling good on the inside...Just to consider that Jane Fonda's plastic surgery is a pretty good one and she still isn't pleased! What about the celebrities whom plastic surgery has gone wrong?

See more: Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelid,Botox and Facelift

Jennie Garth, best known for starring in the prominent role of Kelly Taylor throughout the Beverly Hills, 90210, and recently named the new ambassador for water charity by Oklahoma City’s Water4 Foundation, has changed a lot from her days at Beverly Hills, 90210 with some noticeable plastic surgery enhancements.

 It should be mentioned that she also has kept up with other celebrities in the cosmetic surgery department.

Jennie Garth today is far from the fresh faced star from the 90s, and more like a wax museum version of herself. She looks very synthetic. Her skin looks pulled tight, possibly from a facelift or Botox injections, and her eyes look abnormally wide, as if she had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

It is apparent that she has had lots of plastic surgery especially on her face. She is even looking older than her age, and the whole purpose of all that plastic surgery was to look younger. In Jennie’s case plastic surgery had definitely a negative result...

Jennie Garth probably has had cheek implants, eyelid surgery, facelift, browlift, nose job and more!

Jennie Garth looking slickly plastic
Like I mentioned last week, Jennie Garth is looking very tight faced, as if her face is made of plastic. She must feel quite old going back to the tv show that made her famous as a teenager. Jennie is in her mid thirties and should have some lines in her face naturally. Here, she looks fat cheeked (like she has cheek implants) and surprised. The strangest thing about the new 90210 is her appearance along with Shannon Doherty’s. They both look like plastic surgery victims.

Is this really Jennie Garth?

Is this really Jennie Garth? She is only 39 or so, but looks very unlike herself in recent photos. Her eyes look dramatically different and too alert (they look pulled open too tightly). Make sure you watch the new Beverly Hills 90210, so that you can check out her new ‘look’! She looks very weird. It is way too early for her to be dipping into the plastic surgery drawer.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jenna Jameson using lip collagen while pregnant
Injectable fillers are not suitable for women who are pregnant, breast-feeding or planning conception in the near future. Someone forgot tell Jenna Jameson, who is having a baby with Tito Ortiz, or she forgot to ask her doctor. Pregnant women cannot use lip collagen. It is one vanity she will have to leave behind a la Nicole Kidman.
A Facial Plastic Surgeon’s Thoughts on Megan Fox, Jenna Jameson, and Sophie Monk

Jenna clearly has the classic trout pout lips. She has broken the 70% anatomical rule. Not only are her upper lips larger than her lower lips (too aggressive augmentation with either filler or surgery near the wet/dry junction), but there is also loss of any evidence of a vermilion border. She also has no tapered look to her upper and lower lips. This sausage like appearance indicates once again an aggressive approach along the outer corners of the lip.

About Dr Myint
Dr. Myint is an oculo-facial plastic surgeon who has specialized training and expertise in plastic surgery of the eyelids and orbits. He is Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Myint finished his graduate studies at Columbia University in New York before attending medical school in Miami, Florida.

Jenna Jameson's Lips Reach A Monstrous Size
Jenna Jameson’s lips have reached a monstrous size. She recently had her huge breast implants removed. Did she ever consider having all of the collagen in her lips removed too?

The Scary Lips of Jenna Jameson

Will Jenna Jameson ever stop plumping her lips? They simply get larger and larger. It does not look good. She is destroying her lip lines by overstuffing her lips.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Angelina Jolie had “Extreme Plastic Surgery Makeover” Before Wedding Day?

“Bride-to-be Angelina Jolie plans to undergo an extreme plastic surgery makeover before she weds Brad Pitt!” announces the National Enquirer.

According to the tab’s “sources,” the actress “desperately wants a head-to-toe overhaul, and an expert estimates it could cost her a cool $45,000.”

“Angelina believes she looks old and she’s tired of it,” explains an “insider” for the Enquirer.
(see more  Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After)
What’s supposedly making Jolie upset?

“She’s freaking out over the frown lines on her forehead, her jowls and a few pockets of fat that she’s spotted on her tummy, butt and thighs,” says the tab’s source. “But this isn’t really about weight. Angie’s main worry is that her body is starting to sag, which she absolutely hates.”

Watch Angelina Jolie morph

Access Hollywood unintentionally put together a series of Angelina Jolie interview clips from the start of her career to the present. It is interesting to watch how much her features change – her eyes and brow chane shape, her lips change, and her nose gets more refined. Watch now, before this video ‘disappears’ forever!

A helpful reader sent in this great graphic showing Angelina Jolie’s 1998 profile compared to a more recent one. The bride of her nose looks more built up and the tip of her nose appears distinctly more pronounced.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Jenilee Harrison Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Jenilee Harrison story: I look permanently surprised Please! You have to include one-time cheerleader/actress/all-around hottie turned horribly misshapen, barely recognizable shell of her former self, infomercial queen Jenilee Harrison. a devoted reader Ok!

By popular demand, I bring you the once lovely Jenilee Harrison. She is best known as the replacement for Suzanne Sommers on the tv show ‘Three’s Company’. We all get older, but Jenilee’s pretty gaze has been replaced by a permanent look of surprise.

Her eye area definitely looks ‘different’. Her lips have always been lush but her current lower lip looks larger than ever – collagen, perhaps? Many fans are wondering, ‘What happened to Jenilee?’ Jennilee Harrison is a plastic surgery trainwreck.

Jenilee Harrison Plastic Surgery Photos.