Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implant and Facial, Nose Job

 Jennifer Connelly looks like a new woman these days, especially around the eyes. Its not just the bangs that make her look different. Are the bangs hiding a tightened, shiny forehead that might indicate a surgical procedure like a brow lift?

How To Make Jennifer Connelly Look Older

Roundness of facial figures is one of the indicators of youth. As you can see in the photo of Jennifer Connelly on the left above, the softer looking, more rounded nostrils add to the subjects overall facial softness. In the second photo, the refined more prominent bridge and de-empasized nostrils offer an entirely different look.

For those considering any facial alteration, considering how any changes can affect over facial harmony is important.

Actress Jennifer Connelly is rumored to have had a rhinoplasty and a breast reduction. Her nose looks narrowed and more defined comparing to some pictures taken earlier in her career, but face factions actually change when you grow up and this could be the reason of Connelly's nose changes.  Also rumored to have had a breast reduction, this was in a time when she also loose a lot of weight, remembering that breast are mostly fat cells, we could say that she is in fact a natural beauty. 

Having looked at photos of Connelly as a young actor and then recent photos from the Blood Diamond premiere, it appears that Connelly had her nose reshaped and reduced in size. Jennifer previously had a wider nose and more rounded tip and now her nose is more defined and narrow, giving her a more mature and sophisticated look.

Couple of years ago she was so thin and looking different that many people just assumed that she had some cosmetic surgery, but she answered to that:  "Nope. I was really stressed. I didn't completely realize how I looked until I saw photographs, and thought, Oh shit, I look quite thin in that picture. I had been traveling a lot, and I felt very uncomfortable with the whole process. A lot of moving around. I was running a lot and not feeling well. Just anxiety and stress. And that is where I wound up: tired, and dazed and skinny. It's not where I want to be, and I don't intend to be there again."

Another rumor that sprouted previously about Connelly is that she had a breast reduction. Connelly’s publicist Cari Ross flatly denied this claim, saying “It’s absolutely not true swear on my life. She simply lost weight, and when she did she apparently lost weight in her breasts as well. She’s put on weight since the Oscars, and you can see in pictures taken since then that they’re sort of back."