Monday, 1 October 2012

Courtney Love Facial Plastic Surgery Before and After

Courtney Love the celebrity below. Her bee stung unevenly plumped lips, numerous facial plastic surgeries, and gaunt appearance have made her rather unrecognizable.

If you guessed Courtney Love, you are correct! She looks a little like Madonna’s old face, don’t you think?

The many faces of Courtney Love

Courtney Love is the sort of celebrity that seems to have a regular schedule of plastic surgery procedures. She is an A+ student at the Michael Jackson school of plastic surgery. Her face seems to morph into something different every few months. Last year, she had a Joker-esque smile for a few months that was insanely scary.

Then, she had a change that left her looking like a wax figurine. The bridge of her nose looked unnecessarily filed down and her facial expression was basically immobile.

Here is a comparison of her 90s face with her House of Wax look.

It is fair to assume that the waxen look was a ‘work in progress’, because now Courtney looks like a different person. Her face is longer and fuller, plus her lips are bee stung.

Her new look is jarring, because she doesn’t look like Courtney Love at all.