Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Emilio Estevez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emilio Estevez – Totally Not Hot Anymore.

Ok, what happened here? About a decade ago, Emilio Estevez decided to focus on directing and stay behind the camera. Hence, should he be worried about how he looks?

No, he can age and not go through the usual Hollywood anti-aging routine (you know, the one where you attempt to cut, peel, inject, and carve your way back to how you looked at 25 years old). It does not look like he took that route. There are some nice hollows above his eyes that were not there before (and no I don’t attribute that to age, because it causes sagging eyes).

Then there are his cheeks, which look astonishingly full for a man his age (he was born in 1962, you do the math). Restylane, anyone? It is an injectable used to restore cheek volume lost to aging.

And just for fun, read some lovely correspondence the Estevez/Sheen brotherly duo sent to after the site panned Emilio’s film, ‘Bobby’