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Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery Before and After

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The chubby and the bulbous lips of the actress Calista Flockhart tells us that she has had a lip augmentation in the recent past through which she changed the shape and the geometry of her lips and made them more beautiful. There is no doubt that the actress is a beautiful lady, but just her lips were something she was not happy with. So, she decided to make them beautiful through plastic surgery. The experts also say that the actress has done a lip augmentation through which she has changed the shape of her lips and has made them beautiful and charming.

The actress was born on November 11, 1964, in Freeport, Illinois to Kay and Ronald Flockhart who were an English teacher and an executive for Kraft Foods. The parents now have been retired from their respective jobs and they now live in Tennessee. She has just one brother who is older than him, his name is Gary. The lady is best known for Fox comedy-drama series Ally McBeal for which she also won a Golden Globe award as well. Then, she is most famous for ABC drama ‘Brothers & Sisters’ where she portrayed Kitty Walker who was daughter of Sally Field.

She remained involved with Sam Mendes in the summer of 1999. In the March 2009, the sources started publishing reports about her saying she had been engaged to Harrison Ford. The couple was finally engaged after a relationship of more than seven years. She is also a spokesperson for ‘Peace Over Violence’ foundation.

Has Calista Flockhart Had Plastic Surgery?

That is the question of the day for many of her adoring fans. Best known for her role in Ally McBeal, she has an extensive exposure on the television. How else could a middle-aged mother look so good for so long? Long rumored to have suffered from eating disorders, she’s not an obvious candidate for celebrity plastic surgery.
Calista Flockhart was born November 11, 1964 in Freeport Illinois. After graduating from high school, she attended the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1988, she moved to New York City. She got her first professional role in A Guiding Light in the early 1990s, and began her trip to fame and fortune.

A natural beauty, she seems to have aged gracefully with the passage of time. The only rumors that do follow her are possibly anorexia or bulimia, started when she made an appearance on the red carpet in very revealing clothing.

She has always stated that those were never diagnosed, but later admitted to too much exercise and too little nutrition. With an admitted sweet tooth, she has always worked on her figure diligently. Pictures dating over the last 20 years, of both body and face, do seem to reveal some variation in her weight.

This is normal for most women. Having been raised firmly upper class, she has always had the resources to maintain what nature gave her.
Did Calista Flockhart have a nose job?

In 2008, there were rumors of a rhinoplasty, which may be borne out by photography. A blog purporting to reveal such mishaps, says that the skin is thinned, and “her resected greater alar cartilage on one side almost pokes through the tip“.

These are allegedly from a rhinoplasty. On another site, she is accused of having her lips augmented.

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