Friday, 21 September 2012

Cheryl Ladd Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cheryl Ladd and the perils of plastic surgery.
Its nice when a celebrity of a certain age doesn’t try to peel, pull, and cut their way back to the age of 25. Cheryl Ladd is going off gracefully into that goodnight looking attractive, but more importantly recognizable and not like this. Hopefully, she never gets a crazy, overlydone facelift.

The unfortunate effects of too much plastic surgery have long been evident on such grotesqueries as Michael Jackson, Joan Rivers and Bruce Jenner.

To that list we have to add Cheryl Ladd, the former star of Charlie's Angels who is now doing a TV commercial for a drug company. Does anyone disagree?

When she was younger, Ladd's features were full and round. She was thin but her face had body.
Today, her forehead has the unnatural featurelessness of polished glass. Her cheekbones are so pronounced that it looks like someone used a mallet to cave in the areas around them. And she has a Maria Shriver jaw, which on Ladd looks a post-surgery afterthought that was added too hastily.

And that's just on regular television. On high definition, she must look ghastly.