Friday, 28 September 2012

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After

I don’t think that many would argue against that fact that Clay Aiken is one of the best American Idol products ever. He is immensely talented. Apparently, the machine behind his persona felt that his physical appearance needed ‘sharpening’. Did they go too far? I believe so. Even Yahoo’s music blogger took note of Clay’s transformation (he has a new album out called On My Way Here) and likened him to Madonna.
This is what Clay Aiken (see him on the AI website) looked like at the start of his reality tv journey and today he looks nothing like that. Literally all of his features are different.
In this photo, you can see that he now has what looks like more prominent eyelids, a straighter nose, a stronger chin, and molded cheeks. The photo on the right is very, very recent. It is almost as if he is morphing into Zac Ephron.
Now, look at what seems to be additional changes (yup, it looks like the record label spent a fortune on plastic surgery for one of their prize possessions). His gum line looks lower, his teeth look like they have been covered with veneers, and even his ears seem closer to his head (having prominent ears pinned back is called otoplasty and can even be performed on young children).