Thursday, 8 November 2012

Heather Mills Botox and Boobs Plastic Surgery Before and After

Does Heather Mills Just Look Old Or Is She Altered?

Does former Beatles wife Heather Mills look old or surgically altered (or both?) Since she keeps every media clipping about her, I presume she’ll be adding this one to her 4,000 plus collection.
I think she looks ‘altered’. Granted, she’s 39, but in the before photo, taken just five years ago, she looked younger. Her skin was not taut and even had a precious dewy look. Now, she looks waxen, sort of like a puppet from the 80s British tv show, Spitting Image. The skin on her face looks positively awful from either being pulled too tightly or overly enthusiastic botox injections. Even plastic surgery queen, Nicole Kidman, manages to look more lifelike than Heather. Whenever Heather makes a facial expression, her tired, sad skin, crepes oddly.

There is a long list of surgeries for Heather Mills. Mills is famous for being the wife of Paul McCartney and for her work for animal rights, and veganism, but she is also getting some reputation for her plastic surgeries as well. she has been a big model who has worked with almost every big brand existed in the market, but now she has become completely cosmetic as she can’t hold her beauty of her own and she takes much care of these artificial procedures which are famous all around as breast augmentation and nose job.
Besides undergoing breast augmentation and nose job, the lady has also undergone extensive liposuction as well. The recent pictures of the glamour model show that she has a skin which looks much tighter and firmer than what it looked back in 2002.

During an interview with a media source, the former sister-in-law of Mills revealed that she has had several cosmetic procedures including extensive liposuction, nose job and breast augmentation.
She has not said anything about these reports ever in any interview which shows that she has made her mind that she would never ever speak about these things in public.

Heather Mills: Beatles Money Buys Botox and Boobs
You know how that famous Beatle song goes? “Money can’t buy me love”, well maybe it can’t, but it sure can buy you a lot of plastic surgery. Especially if you have Beatle money. It looks like Heather Mills, the former model and ex-wife of Beatle Paul McCartney may have undergone the knife with Sir Paul’s money. It’s out there that she may have had a possible breast lift or perhaps some breast implants in place. Just take a look at the boob job pictures. Notice how you can basically see the implant through her skin. She did admit to having a breast reduction performed in her early years but those plastic lumps in her breasts aren’t from a breast reduction. It is also rumored that Mills had a nose job, liposuction, and perhaps some Botox injections. These suspicions were later confirmed by Heather’s former sister in law, who had no problem telling it all. She confirmed that Heather has undergone the knife on more than several occasions. The former sister in law goes on record as stating that Heather has had not one but several plastic surgeries, a rhinoplasty, a breast augmentation, and an excessive amount of liposuction surgery. Now that Heather has Beatles money she can definitely afford to pay for a better plastic surgeon.