Sunday, 18 November 2012

Howard Stern Facelift and Facial Skin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Howard Stern Makes Over His Not So Private Parts
Howard Stern has fallen into a trap that many men who court and marry younger women usually do. He’s trying to look younger and in the process, has become more wizened looking. His chin looks small, his nose looks filed down, plus his skin is now super tanned, and his facial skin looks oddly craggy as if he’s had a failed face lift.

Ken Baker Mentions The Site on Howard Stern
Journalist Ken Baker appeared on the Howard Stern radio show today discussing plastic surgery. He mentioned his site Ken and my site. Kudos to you Ken.
Check out these pictures of Howard Stern before and after plastic surgery. Do you think Howard Stern had good or bad cosmetic surgery? 
Howard Stern (Before)

Shock jock DJ Howard Stern admitted in 2006 of having his own body issues, having a nose job and lipo to remove his double chin. In his own Howard Stern way, he admitted to keeping the surgery a secret for fear of being thought of as “very gay.”-Xfinity Entertainment Programmers