Monday, 12 November 2012

Heidi Fleiss Face and Lips Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heidi Fleiss – gee, its worse than we thought
Gee, Heidi Fleiss is looking worse for wear than first thought. You know you’ve had a bad face lift when you look older than you did before the operation. Those weird cheek implants she has gotten don’t help either and neither does the chin implant. We know what you really look like, Heidi, give it up!

Heidi Fleiss Is Scary
This is what happens to your face when you try to peel, pull, cut, or inflate various body parts back to what they looked like when you were 25 years old. Total fright. Heidi Fleiss has joined the scary celebrities club. Her lips are so inflated that her lip line has disappeared.

You know what she looks like?  Crusty and chapped.  I need Blistex or some such lip balm when I look at photos of her.  I think what might have happened is the doctor injected her not with silicone but with the mound of crumbs that collected in his toaster oven.
And here’s her in Celebrity Rehab. It’s not a straight on shot, but it gives one a nice sense of the… texture of her face.