Sunday, 18 November 2012

Holly Sampson Face Lift Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Facial, Breast Implants

Tiger Woods’ other mistress Holly Sampson
Another of Tiger Woods’ mistresses has been revealed and like Rachel Uchitel, she likes plastic surgery. Meet adult star Holly Sampson, who has fake boobs (not bad) and rhinoplasty. She’s quite cute in her before photo, not sure why she opted for the alterations.

Holly Sampson Had Had Much More Surgery Before Her “Mistress Makeover”

Reading about Holly Sampson and her “Mistress Makeover” of Botox and facial fillers made me giggle a little. This woman has really had a quite a bit in the way of plastic surgery over the years. Looking at images of her as a younger woman before the surgery started, she was attractive to start. She still is.
Holly has gone by several names in her mainstream and adult movie performances including Nicolette Foster. She entered the land of adult flicks as Nicolette. She was thin, and stayed sans breast implants for a while before having implant surgery. She has likely had her implants done a few times.

I am certain she is a regular facial filler and Botox client, so her Mistress Makeover was more like a “routine fill-up.” She has also had more traditional surgical facial work likely including a face lift plus or minus cheek implants or a mid face lift. Her cheek bones became more prominent over time which does not happen without some help.
All in all she looks pretty good. She hasn’t stepped over the “too much surgery” precipice as of yet.