Thursday, 27 December 2012

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections, Fillers and Nose Job

Is it just me or do Jennifer Lopez’s facial features off at the moment?  I think she had a brow lift plus some botox injections to make her jawline less wide (like singer Charise from Glee) and fillers for her cheeks to make them more soft and rounded.

The 2003 ‘before’ photo is actually after several surgeries. Wanna see her original face? Watch ‘Selena’ and I’ll bet you’ll be stunned.

First she had a lotta lip and a lotta nose, now she’s gotta little. Jennifer Lopez has had subtle refinements to her appearance, she’s had her lips thinned and a nose job. See the photos in a side by side format, click here.

Added 10/16/2003: Here’s another photo gallery showing off Jennifer Lopez’s Then and Now lips.

It’s a new nose for Jennifer Lopez. And you thought she was just laying low because she broke up with Ben.. no, she has a new nose. This is her second nose job. Unlike her old nose, this one looks longer (see how the space between her upper lip and nose tip is smaller?) In addition, her new nose points down more in a V-shape and totally changes the way that she looks. She doesn’t look like a more refined version of herself, she looks like a different person; she could easily wander off into Bruce Jenner land if she doesn’t stop getting surgery.

An alert reader named Kristin sent us photos of what appears to be a totally new, older looking Jennifer Lopez. Why does Jennifer Lopez’s face look stretched? Her smile looks a bit off kilter in the after photo. Could she have had a brow lift? Her hairline looks like it has moved back.

Jennifer Lopez has stepped back into the public eye and looks different. There are not many new pictures of her up close yet, but just wait until they surface. Her face looks ‘off’ to me, especially around her eyes. It is as if the top part of her fact has been pulled up. Her cheeks also look weirdly gaunt, a first for her.