Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jean Claude Jitrois Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Yes, I have walked the walk!  I’ve had a few things done myself, but I think I look pretty dam good!  So, check out French designer Jean Claude Jitrois’s plastic face!  He is 66 years old and it looks like his face has been pulled so tight, he pee’s through his mouth!

France's Plastic Surgery Victim Jean Claude Jitrois
Jean Claude Jitrois is a famous French designer of luxury items. He also appears to be France’s biggest plastic surgery victim. There does not appear to be any part of his face that has not been operated on or altered. He looks like he was carved from plastic. See the photos below.

In case, you’re wondering his age, he is 66 and trying cut and peel his way to 25. If anyone has his before photos, send them in.

Jean Claude Jitrois Before Photo Found

French designer Jean Claude Jitrois assaulted our eyes a few weeks ago with his severely overdone plastic surgery. Several readers sent in the requested before photo of Jitrois and it was a feast for the eyes. He was rather handsome before he started hacking at his face.

Check out these pictures of Jean Claude Jitrois before and after plastic surgery. Do you think Jean Claude Jitrois had good or bad cosmetic surgery?