Monday, 24 December 2012

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Facelift

Experts claim that Jennifer Aniston has had a major facelift. Sure, her nose was on the bigger side before, but she was just as beautiful then as she is now!

Jennifer Aniston – does she look 'different' to you
A few weeks ago, I got a tweet from a concerned tv viewer who told me about Jennifer Aniston’s new look. I do think she’s started using facial fillers to give her face a younger look. My verdict is indifference, but I do not think the fans are loving her new look due to the number of negative tweets and emails I’ve received about it. Oh well.

Jennifer Aniston – Is her face melting?
Jennifer Aniston changed her hair recently to the lightest shade of blonde she has ever had while in the public eye. Often, celebs will change their hair color, hair length, hair texture, etc to distract observers from changes they’ve made to their face. In this case, I believe Jennifer had facial fillers, botox, and some other possible surgical hanky panky.

Jennifer’s latest incarnation is quite a departure from her usual look, because a youthful sort of facial plumpness has been added to her face to make her look softer. Aniston is a fitness fanatic and has minimal body fat which had left her face with some harsh angles a few years ago (see 2003 photo), but now, those have been smoothed out, her face plumped up, and likely injected with botox (it causes the skin to look plastic and shiny). Do I think she’s had everything on her face yanked up via facelift too? Yup.

This tweeter is definitely a Sandra Bullock fan.

Why Jen Aniston ? Why?
Jennifer Aniston is sporting some very inflated looking lips this year. Lip collagen? Definitely.

Jennifer Anniston's lips are plump

Jennifer Aniston‘s lips now look plumped. Guess what? It looks awful! She looked like she’s been smacked in the mouth. Click here to see the photos.

Jennifer Aniston's lips questioned by Star Magazine
Star Magazine questions whether Jennifer Anniston’s lips are siliconed filled because they look larger, click here to read it

Fat Lips For Jennifer Aniston
Whoa! Jennifer Aniston is sporting some seemingly fat lips. They are almost in Angelina Jolie bee stung pout territory. Large lips do not suit her. because they do not match the rest of her square facial features.

Jennifer Aniston – What did she do to herself?

What has Jennifer Anniston done to herself? Her face looks so tight in the photo on the right, she cannot even smile widely (usually that is a sign of botox). Also, her eyes have the tight look, like she is moving through a wind tunnel. Over, things are not looking good for Jennifer Anniston.

On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston, 42, gives consistent answers when she’s asked about plastic surgery.

No, she hasn’t had it, she says. That doesn’t count an apparent nose job early in her career.

But she might go under the knife in the future, perhaps when she reaches age 50, she implies.

“There is an extreme pressure on women and men to just stay young and unfortunately men and women don’t see it to grow old gracefully,” she stated in a recent interview.

“A lot of women go too far and end up looking a hell of a lot older than they actually are and it sort of has a reverse effect. So talk to me in 10 years,” she confessed.
A year ago, she said much the same.

Asked at age 41 whether she would use Botox, she told an interviewer for the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar, “I could do it. … These lines are getting deeper every day.”

A year before that, she claimed “I will never, ever say ‘never’ about anything. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making yourself feel better about how you look – although we’ve all seen how you can go too far with it.”

She has tried Botox, but didn’t like it.   “I make my living from my expressions, so it’s not a great thing to do,” she insisted.

The actress admitted to rhinoplasty to corrected a deviated septum, then another nose job to correct the botched first procedure. She told People "I had (a deviated septum) fixed - best thing I ever did. I slept like a baby for the first time in years."  Many people say that it was not only a septoplasty but a full cosmetic procedure also, because of the changes in the shape of her nose.

The fact is that her nose looks very nice and natural after the procedure, it is more defined and thinner at the tip and it doesn't get the attention away of other factions of her face, which is one of the goals of a good nose job.