Monday, 3 December 2012

Jackie Stallone Plastic Surgery Before and After Cheek Implants, Collagen

Jackie Stallone Up Close

For your viewing pleasure, here is Jackie Stallone up close! I remember seeing her on an infomercial for psychics about 10 years ago and she was less scary looking. You could say she looked almost normal. Now, she’s a freak. What is that weird bulge on her face? It looks like a cheek implant gone wild. Why would someone her age get cheek implants? Probably in a useless attempt to look younger, in the same vein as the rest of her scary plastic surgery.

Jackie Stallone – once upon a time less scary looking

Jackie Stallone has firmly cemented her place hall of fame as one of the scariest celebrities in the world, especially now that we have discovered a photo of her where she looks normal. As in, no supersized rubbery trout pout and no Halloween like mask effect. I would guess that Jackie has had a multitude of plastic surgery around her eyes, plus facelifts, lip injections, etc. Scary woman who had too much plastic surgery in order to launch a non-existent career.
Please Mrs Stallone (she’s Sylvester Stallone’s mom), no more collagen. What shade of foundation is she wearing? ‘Mask of death’?