Friday, 14 December 2012

Jason Lewis Plastic Surgery Facelift and Botox Before and After

Jason Lewis seems to have some kind of a celebrity plastic surgery. This former male model and a Hollywood actor should care a lot about his face and figure. But plastic surgeries are not a remedy and sometimes may do harm to the face. Jason’s appearance on before and after pictures is rather different. He looks like having undergone some kind of a face surgery, but it wasn’t good in his case. Lewis’ eyes look rather different, and one is bigger than another.

Jason Lewis – not so sexy in the city

Jason Lewis starred on a few seasons of HBO’s Sex and the City as the love interest of Samantha, played by Kim Kim Cattrall. I have gotten a number of emails over the past two years claiming he ‘had done something’ to his face. Well, let’s see what’s cooking!!

I can definitely detect an eye job as well as ample use of botox (see the shiny forehead in the last photo). He doesn’t look awful, but doesn’t really look like himself. He’s almost 40 playing a 20something in the Sex and the City movies so perhaps he felt pressured to change things.

Jason Lewis, who some of you might remember from his role on Sex And The City and the two films it spawned, has had some bad plastic surgery. Lewis began his career as a male model, so the idea of him ever needing plastic surgery seems a bit ridiculous, but when your career seems to be based more on looks than on talent, we guess you gotta do what ya gotta do. It looks like the former Men’s Fitness cover-model had some sort of eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and it didn’t come out too well, as his eyes now look like they’re too very different sizes and have almost a “lazy” quality to them. I also seems like he’s gotten Botox injections in his forehead, as it has a very shiny quality to it; it also has the bulging “Botox vein”. Something also appears to be going on with his cheek bone, which look more pronounced than in the past; maybe he also got a facelift? It’s hard to tell really, as it’s just as possigle that his cheeks are a result of injectables, but fact remains, something is up with them. Jason Lewis doesn’t look quite bad enough for us to call his surgeries “botched”, but they definitely didn’t go the way he wanted because now he looks kind of like an ax murderer that never blinks…unless maybe that’s what he was going for.

Jason Lewis looks like a Chuckie Doll

I happened upon this recent photo of actor Jason Lewis (Samantha’s much younger boyfriend on Sex and the City). He is starting to look like a Chuckie doll (remember that scary movie?). His eye tilt upward very oddly, his cheeks look suspiciously plump (smuggling chesnuts, Jason?). and his skin looks stretched to the bursting point. He looks strange. I can’t figure out what he did to his face. Perhaps some sort of light face lift with botox? Whatever it was, he should have stayed home until things settled.