Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Before and After Lips, Nose, Cheek and Chin

Jessica Biel – Gone Hollyweird

Jessica Biel has been quoted as saying about Hollywood,”Your face and body can get you in the door.”

Apparently true in her case and in many others. In her recent photos, something about her has looked ‘off’ and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I believe she’d had a good number of plastic surgeries since making a splash in the public eye. I’m guess that her lips (huge) , nose (thinner), cheeks (made her face wider), chin, and eyes (more almond shaped) have been operated on; I definitely remember her lips looking larger first and then all her other features slowly changed. But since she seemingly had all of that done at a young age, how will it all look as she ages? I believe the answer is becoming apparent; the facial ‘improvements’ acquired in youth, do not necessarily look good with age.

Jessica Biel: Lip Collagen Overload

‘Seventh Heaven’ cutie Jessica Biel is guilty of collagen overload. When I first saw her, I thought,’Gee, she has big lips for a white girl.’ But after cruising the web, I came upon the photo of Jessica on the left. Her real lips are thin and the puffy, bee stung look on the right is the result of collagen.

Does Justin Timberlake Really Kiss These Lips

Does Justin Timberlake really enjoy kissing these huge, possibly collagen filled lips? I pity the the fool. This appears to be lip plumping overload. Maybe Stevie Wonder would believe those to be her real lips, but the sighted definitely would be inclined to feel otherwise.

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos.