Tuesday, 15 January 2013

JK Rowling Plastic Surgery Before and After Good or Bad

JK Rowling has made over a billion dollars because of her work authoring the Harry Potter series, and she’s used some of that cash to create some magic of her own. She clearly paid for some great plastic surgeons, because after becoming famous, she went from “weathered looking single mom” to full-blown “wow, that older lady is gorgeous” in a matter of months.

See there are rumours that, because she looks 'better' than she did in her 30's she's had plastic surgery. Now the trademark facelift signs, the constantly surprised/frowning look, aren't there and, in my uninformed opinion, it just looks to me like she's just worked on her complexion and got a team of make up artists to paint her undereyes in coat after coat of make up disabling muscle movement in that area. I would like a proper professional's opinion though because, as I openly admit, I'm not too heavily informed on the subject. So who out there knows? Also, for ten marks could someone school me of the signs of plastic surgery because so far the only one I know how to spot is the raised eyebrows/constant frown.

After reading this article stating the following about Harry Potter author, JK Rowling:
She has gone from what can only be described as a “normal” looking woman in her 40s to a strange caricature of herself with wonky eyes and lips.

I decided to do some research into how the famous writer may have changed over the years.

Her eyes definitely look ‘different’. She no longer looks permanently tired. The bags under her eyes look as if they have vanished. Her nose looks thinner, especially the nostrils. Her jowls are gone. She looks very ‘remade’, but not really younger.

Check out these pictures of Jk Rowling before and after plastic surgery. Do you think Jk Rowling had good or bad cosmetic surgery?