Thursday, 17 January 2013

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Facelift and Cheek Implants

I have received a huge number of emails about actress Joan Van Ark. She was best known for appearing on ‘Knots Landing’ and now she is best known for being scary looking. Most of the email I have received about her ask,’What happened to her face, her skin looks weird.’ I agree that her skin does look weird and it is probably the result of being pulled too tightly and experiencing too much sun. I genuinely do not believe that a face lift can remove sun damage. Also, I think that makeup more suited to someone her age would look better. A better choice would have been a nice powder foundation rather than creme foundation, because it has a tendency to look better on older sun ravaged skin. She should also use lipstick and lip liner, because her lips are pretty invisible with the current color palette she is using.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Victim of the Day

Joan Van Ark Circa 2002 – too tight face lift, wizened chicken neck that does not natch the face, more nose surgery, and an eye lift fail to stall time

“I’ve never seen anybody worry so much about how she looks,” marvels Beverly Archer, who worked with Van Ark in the series We’ve Got Each Other. “She practically has to have plastic surgery before she’ll let herself go on camera.”

Well, now we have verification that Joan Van Ark loves plastic surgery; the quote is lifted from a TV guide article on the actress. She’s had too many face lifts, an eye lift, a nose job, and cheek implants. She also lies about her age, its listed as 1943 at IMDB. Its actually 5 years earlier. She also abuses botox.

Joan Van Ark's Facelift

Van Ark emerged at a Hollywood event at the weekend wearing a mask of makeup, but even that couldn't hide her blotchy skin and shocking appearance. Although she was sporting painted-on eyebrows, there was no trace of lipstick on her pale, puffed-up lips &mdash adding to her zombie-like look. With photos from as recent as 2006 showing a far more fresh-faced Van Ark, it can be assumed she has gone under the knife several times in the last year.  
Van Ark became famous in the 80s starring in the hit soap Knots Landing, a spin-off from Dallas, which she also appeared on as a guest actress.