Friday, 11 January 2013

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After Lips and Collage Injection

Jessica Simpson's Bad Hair Weave

Move over Britney, Jessica Simpson is taking the top position for bad hair weaves. Many have noticed that her hair is ratty looking now that she is hanging out with singer John Mayer. On closer inspection, it appears that the fake hair does not match Jessica real hair, so it looks very weird up close. See the photo above. Where is her hair stylist Ken Paves when she needs him?

What's really wrong with Jessica's lips?

What’s really wrong with Jessica Simpson’s lips? Some, like Star Magazine, say that she’s had collagen injections that have made her lips swollen. I think it looks like she’s had something even worse done to her lips; she looks like she’s had lip implants. There are four types on the market: Alloderm, Dermaplant, fascia, or Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is the type that makes lips look stiff like Jessica’s.

Jessica Simpson: Worst Trout Pout Ever

Is Jessica Simpson pouting over her marital blues or has she overdosed on lip collagen? Her lips look bizarrely swollen as if a bee stung her on the mouth. Is that a bee sting or another scary case of Hollywood trout pout?

Jessica Simpson again

Jessica Simpson is raking in the big bucks lately and has invested some in possibly overfilling her top upper lip wih collagen. I feel sorry for that lip, the poor thing looks like it wants to explode like an overcooked hot dog weiner.

Capsular Contracture for Jessica Simpson?

Why does Jessica’s right boob look so rounded and hard? Could it be capsular contracture? Capsular contracture occurs when the scar tissue or capsule that normally forms around the implant tightens and squeezes the implant.

Please stop emailing me that Jessica Simpson’s breasts are ‘real’. No they are not. When your breasts look like orange halves, they are silicone. Jessica would have been better off with the tear drop shaped implants instead of the round ones.

To all the people who like to argue that Jessica’s ample bosoms are real, see the above photo. Those big balloons are obviously silicone filled. Look at how round they appear. At one time, Jessica Simpson’s
breasts were 100% home grown, but after weight loss, they were left sagging. Now, obviously, they’ve been pumped.

Did Jessica Simpson Get Breast Implants?
She got them fairly recently, after getting a breast lift about a year and a half ago. My suggestion is that she not wear any outfits that put pressure on her breasts because it makes them look fake.

Jessica Simpson's body is not the only thing that has blown up

her lips have gotten huge again. She was busted for this sort of plastic surgery abuse in 2005, but still is apparently an ardent lip collagen worshiper. She is speedily headed for duck lips territory at warp speed.