Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jodie Marsh Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Boob Jobs and Cheek Implants

British “Glamour Model” (that seems to be the new proper terminology for “girl who poses naked a lot”) Jodie Marsh is a bit of a mess. Her list of plastic surgeries is almost as long as her list of failed public relationships, with her breast augmentation in the forefront. Marsh, who is also a reality TV personality in her home country, has a set of 32 GG breasts that are way too big for her frame and almost give her freak show status. In addition to her attention grabbing chest, she has also had a nose job, but not necessarily a good one.

Her nose is very thin going down the bridge, but somehow bulbous at the tip, and has a bit of a piglet vibe to it. She is also the subject of rumors that she’s had a chin implant and cheek implants, as those features are a bit overdone as well, but the jury is still one on whether she has those surgeries. There’s one thing though that any jury would agree on, Jodie Marsh is taking thing a bit too far in her pursuit of store bought fame, and it’s only a matter of time before she takes it too far and ends up another plastic surgery horror story.

British glamour model Jodie Marsh turned 30 last week and took the opportunity to show off her plastic surgery.

Jodie is as famous for her string of relationships and controversy as she is for her stripper-like fashion sense. The model most often appears in little more than pasties, which show off her over-done breast augmentation. According to some sources, Jodie’s circus-sized breasts are a 32 GG. The overall goal of Jodie’s surgically enhanced appearance seems to be for attention, not beauty.

Jodie Marsh, Plastic Surgery

Above, the neck, Jodie has likely had a nose job sometime in the past to correct what she says is the result of a hockey accident in her childhood. Either the accident or a nose job left her with a very strange shaped nose, with an almost bulbous tip and a very narrow bridge.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “It looks as if Jodie Marsh has had some work done to her lips and cheeks.  Her lips look slightly over done and she has possibly had cheek implants.”

Jodie also possibly had a rhinoplasy that looks somewhat aggressive, making her nose look inconsistent with the angles and lines of her face.”

Her trout pout is almost as big as her breasts, indicating the use of injectables in her lips. She may also have also fillers in her face to make sure that it is smooth and wrinkle-free at all times.

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia notes the plastic surgery on Jodie’s body. According to him, “Jodie’s breasts, lips and nose, which is a weird shape, are the results of plastic surgery.”

Jodie is often the subject of allegations about poor personal hygiene, which is no surprise given her often tawdry appearance.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden, “Jodie Marsh looks overdone.. from her breasts, to her nose, eyes, forehead, brow, and lips. It seems obvious that she has had a breast augmentation with oversized implants, a rhinoplasty that skeletonized her nose, Botox and/or browlift, and lip soft tissue fillers. Good plastic surgery is not intended nor carried out to look this over the top.”

In addition to breast implants, Jodie may also have a chin implant.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston agrees that Jodie’s plastic surgery is more about getting attention than getting better looking. He tells Make Me Heal, “I have a frequently repeated saying that ‘good plastic surgery should not look plastic.’” Jodie Marsh looks “plastic”. She has implants that are too large for her breast and chest wall. It appears that she has very little breast tissue, just large implants.”

“She appears to have a rhinoplasty that is okay and over injected lips.”

“She may also have a chin implant that is a little large. I suspect Botox and facial fillers but I can’t be sure from the photos. I am sorry to say that in my opinion this is not an attractive look and it is my opinion that it gives plastic surgery a bad name with the public in general. But it gets attention drawn to her and that appears to be her goal.”