Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Check implants

Jodie Sweetin showing off her breast implant scar

There are many ways to insert breast implants during an augmentation surgery. Various entry points are the armpits, under the breast, through the nipple, and through the navel. Jodie Sweetin (yup, that once cute girl from the tv show ‘Full House’) had hers put in through the armpit. Check out that scar on her left side.

Jodie Sweetin: I Was High While Giving Anti-Drug Talks

Jodie Sweetin releases a memior, unSweetined, which tells all about her drug addiction, and how she was high while speaking to students about staying off drugs.

Sweetin-jodieIn her new memoir, un Sweetined, Jodie Sweetin, best known as “Stephanie Tanner” on Full House says as she traveled the country giving pep talks to college kids about staying off drugs, she was really high on cocaine. She also reveals that her first time drunk was at Full House co-star Candace Cameron’s wedding.

The former TV star came clean about her habit a year ago, saying she had been addicted to such drugs as crystal meth, cocaine and Ecstasy, but had kicked the habit, remarried, and was now a clean-living mom. But, her book tells otherwise.

“I thought for sure that one of the professors would take one look at me and kick me out,” she says about an appearance she made at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “But none did. They wanted to hear about the trials and tribulations of Jodie Sweetin, or at least the Jodie Sweetin I had created by appearing on Good Morning America and talking to People magazine.”

Sweetin may have had work done to her looks to hide the effects of her addiction. In an appearance on Good Morning America last year, she said she had lost five teeth to her meth habit.

Meth addicts also tend to get open sores that can cause scarring, usually on the face. Porcelain veneers can hide dental problems, while laser skin resurfacing can help diminish the looks of scars, and Sweetin’s medium-light skin tone is ideal for the procedure.