Saturday, 26 January 2013

Jordan Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Nose Job

Katie Price decides to channel Mr Ed

Mr Ed was a famous talking horse back in old days of film. Quite predictably, he had huge teeth and as many celebrities get veneers, I like to think they are trying to bring back the ‘good old days’ by channeling him. Because veneers just look weird on most wearers.

Jordan – Britain's Most Plastic Page 3 Girl

Jordan (aka Katie Price) started off as a petite breasted model with a gorgeous face. In recent years, she’s increased her chest to giant proportions via huge fake plastic implants – she now wears an F cup. Let’s she doesn’t topple over.

Jordan has huge scars on her nipples – poor dear

Glamour model Jordan’s breasts are proof that all which glitters is not gold. Her nipples are badly scarred by keloids. Keloid scars are large, thick, often itchy overgrowths of scarring that happen to the skin usually at the specific site of injury and happen where surgery, injections, body piercing, acne or some trauma occurs. They form from an excess of collagen produced by the body in response to a wound. She has had multiple sets of implants, each larger than the next. Her original size is a 34C.

Jordan’s breast implants look horrid in normal clothing. They definitely appear fake and bolted on.

Katie Price before plastic surgery

Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl from Brighton, England who wanted to be a glamour model. Her name was Katie Price.

The photo above shows her before her rhinoplasty, breast implants, and facial fillers. Very cute, huh? Most recently, Jordan held her bachelorette party at a local plastic surgery clinic. Addicted much?

Here’s Jordan over the years.

She used to have the prettiest upper lip.